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Freelux Eco Home Products offers products in the area of energy conservation for the European and North American market.

Over the past decades the average number of television sets, personal computers, mobile phone chargers and other appliances per household has grown significantly, as has the average energy consumption per device. Over the same period the price for energy has been climbing as well, resulting in higher energy bills.

Freelux Eco Home Products Europe offers a range of products that can aid you in minimizing the unnecessary consumption of energy, helping you to lower your energy bills while contributing to a better environment.

Freelux Mission

Freelux’ mission is to provide wireless connected building sensors and actuators to customer specification. Target customers for Freelux include manufacturers of “Smart Home Systems”, Energy companies, Telco’s, “White label” hardware manufacturers.

Freelux’ technology focus is  on DECT ULE as the (see DECT ULE Whitepaper) wireless technology in buildings, both private and business, for the next decades.  As it has proven maturity, unparalleled range, and offers problem-free communication in a exclusive bandwith worldwide.

Freelux will offer customers a one stop shop to acquire and/or jointly develop physical products and (cloud) services, based on cooperation with strategic partners and our own development.

Freelux’ application focus is Security, Lighting -and Energy Management. Potential product categories are Smart Plugs, Energy Monitors, Dimmers, Alarms, Light Sensors, Movement Sensors, and so on.

The strength of Freelux is the combination of a globally oriented Western management with a Western/Vietnamese development team and production facilities in Vietnam.


Freelux Management

Andries Pasma (CTO) has 30 years experience in product creation and production and started his career at Philips DAP (Domestic Appliances).  Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Harald Nielsen (CEO)  has over 30 years experience in various management positions at Xerox, Microwarehouse, and GFK. Based in Eschwege, Germany.

Edwin Bakker (CFO) has over 15 years of experience at MeesPierson (Sydney), Standard & Poor’s (London), ING (London), and NIB Capital (The Hague).  Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Latest News

This week Freelux Parks’ Connections Conference in San Francisco, which will be held from  may 13th through may 15th.

For more info visit their site here.

After that we will attend the following trade fairs:

October 2014: Hong Kong Lighting and Electronics

January 2015: CES Las Vegas

March 2015: CEBIT


Can the dimmers in your home dim LED and CFL lamps?

yes - 40%
some - 40%
no - 20%

Total votes: 5

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